My Professional Work

Currently with the University of Central Florida’s Department of Writing & Rhetoric, I teach first-year writing courses, including Intro to Writing Studies (ENC 1101) and Research as Genuine Inquiry (ENC 1102). Both courses emphasize genre awareness and rhetorical flexibility.

For nearly a dozen years, I taught high-school freshman English, including the fundamentals of literature, composition, grammar, and communication.

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I am a doctoral candidate (graduating Aug 2014) in the University of Central Florida’s Texts and Technology program. My dissertation examines hybridity in composition courses and questions how technology changes the way students, instructors, and institutions construct first-year writing.

I write occasionally on my blog, Thinking Allowed, where I explore the connections between technology and composition pedagogy. In my blog, I test presentation ideas or collect notes from my research.

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My interest in curriculum design and program development (which started with the coursework for my degree in curriculum and instruction) has led me to join various committees and teams to create, develop, and assess first-year writing courses.

I have participated in ongoing program revision planning within UCF’s Department of Writing & Rhetoric, including our recent efforts to shape how online components are offered in our first-year composition classes.

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Resources for Search Committees

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Teaching Portfolio

Need something to bring to your the next meeting of your hiring or search committee? My portfolio is available as a print-ready, downloadable, bookmarked PDF, including my philosophy, methodology, and sample assignment sheets, course syllabi, etc.

You can also download the narrative portions of the portfolio without sample documents.
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Looking for a brief summary of my work and history? My CV can be downloaded as a PDF or viewed as a webpage.
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