Annual portfolios provide opportunity for reflection, assessment, and planning. Though they can be a chore to assemble and document, my portfolios proved to be useful tools that prompt me to re-evaluate my trajectory and push myself to improve and develop.

  • 2017
    Third-Year Portfolio
    In this document, I reflect on my changing perspectives through work in various ongoing committees, teaching in various disciplines, and meeting constituents from across the university. My third year functions as a distinctly mid-process year, rather than any sort of end point unto itself. Download my 2017 Portfolio (8 MB).
  • 2016
    Second-Year Portfolio
    In this portfolio, I lament the loss of my earlier drive toward experimentation and here focus on the concept of involvement as it applies to my professional work. Download my 2016 Portfolio (7 MB).
  • 2015
    First-Year Portfolio
    Used for my first annual performance evaluation, this portfolio emphasizes the experimental and enlightening nature of my freshman year as Assistant Professor of English at Saint Leo University. Download my 2015 Portfolio (7 MB).
  • 2014
    Graduate Student Teaching Portfolio
    As my first-ever teaching portfolio, this document’s purpose was to convince readers I was employable as a faculty member at a teaching institution. Includes teaching philosophy and methodology as introduction. Download my 2014 Teaching Portfolio (9 MB).