Christopher R. Friend, Maha Bali, Sarah Honeychurch, Kevin Hodgson
HybridPod, Episode 7. 30 Oct 2015
Publication year: 2015-10-30


How does working together, you know, work? What are the promises and pitfalls of collaboration, and how can we prepare ourselves and our students for successful collaborative activities? When collaborative projects get crazy, messy, chaotic, unwieldy, or just too darn complex, how can we still manage to navigate them? In this episode, I explore those questions and attempt not to solve, but to understand.

For several years now, folks from Hybrid Pedagogy have hosted Digital Writing Month (or DigiWriMo for short) as a digitally focused event to parallel the National Novel Writing Month (or NaNoWriMo) that’s been happening since 2009. The idea was to gather a bunch of folks who were interested in playing around with the nature, possibilities, and reach of digital writing, however that gets defined.

This year’s iteration is hosted by Maha Bali, Kevin Hodgson, and Sarah Honeychurch. I’ve watched a few of their conversations as they’ve worked to bring things together for the month, and I was impressed (okay, maybe a little overwhelmed) by how they worked together. In this episode of HybridPod, I sat down with Maha, Sarah, and Kevin to explore the idea of collaboration — how it works, what it is, and how we can facilitate it in our classes.

Along the way, we talk about playing ukulele, being overwhelmed by emails, and a way to game the entire time-zone system. It’s a fun conversation.