I enjoy presenting at conferences and seminars alike, taking every opportunity I can to engage colleagues in conversation and speculation about our teaching and our research. My presentations are designed to ask questions, challenge thinking, and foster dialogue.

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  • The Missing Link: Interventions for Enhancing Traditional Student Composition

    Presented at Computers & Writing in June 2015

    I argue that students must be taught how to employ hyperlinks in their texts and that the pace of research and complication in the field leaves students at smaller institutions under-prepared.


  • Modality as Contact Zone: The Convolution of Access, Politics, and Ethics in Florida’s Online Courses

    Presented at Computers & Writing in June 2014

    I review legislation in Florida that dictates the amount and sources of online education required of high-school students, linking the questionable laws to the creation of a technological underclass.


  • More than Cogs: Using MOOC Pedagogies to Resist the Mechanization of FYC Students

    Presented at Computers & Writing in June 2013.

    Discusses whether the characteristics of successful MOOCs can apply to traditional, smaller, and in-person first-year writing courses—specifically, their openness, their tendency toward connectivity, and their use of distance.


  • Going (Pedagogically) Green: Student Work as Objects Created for Re-Consumption

    Presented at the UCF English Symposium in March 2013.

    Explores the need for open-access writing assignments with authentic audiences to allow students to see writing as a purposeful, flexible act.