My interest in curriculum design fuels my institutional service. I determine my committee participation based on my ability to effect improvement in our course design, implementation, and pedagogy.

  • Current2015

    Composition Committee (chair)

    This committee is working to modernize Saint Leo’s composition classes, developing students into rhetorically flexible writers in a variety of media and settings. We’re taking the first steps toward building a full writing program.

  • Current2015

    Arts & Sciences Strategic Goals: Innovation Committee (secretary)

    I maintain communication and collaboration among the members. We are defining what it means to be innovative Arts & Sciences programs at a liberal-arts university.

  • Current2015

    QEP Faculty Fellows (member)

    This committee explores critical thinking and core values as components of good decision making — skills we want to develop in our students. These elements will inform the work done by the composition committee.

  • Current2015

    Faculty Senate Technology Committee

    We work to identify and address technology-related needs and opportunities for faculty across our campuses.

  • Ongoing2014

    Hiring Committees (member)

    I have participated in several hiring committees in my time at Saint Leo, resulting in successful selections of the following positions:

    • Instructor of English — General (2)
    • Assistant Professor of Psychology
    • Instructor of English — Professional Writing

  • Current2015

    Student Advisor

    I assist students (approximately 15 per semester) with processes like course registrations, understanding their program requirements and transcript progress, and navigating faculty interactions.