My teaching constantly evolves, responding to the needs and interests of the students in each class, as well as conversations within the department and discipline. Though the list of course titles I have taught is rather short, the variations within those foundational courses keeps me flexible and creative, re-developing the course design each year.

Currrent Teaching

  • Current2014

    Academic Writing I

    I’m piloting various iterations of a new writing-studies curriculum for Saint Leo students, to see what components of the typical Writing About Writing content work for our traditional, on-campus students.

  • Current2014

    Academic Writing II

    This research-based course will be updated to center on genuine inquiry and rhetorical/generic awareness, rather than its current emphasis on literature. One semester, I experimented with a focus on online publication.

  • Current2014

    Basic Composition Skills

    This skills-based, non-credit course currently addresses sentence- and paragraph-level writing. Anticipated revisions will center on reading skills and an introduction to rhetoric.

  • Current2015

    Monsters in Literature

    This course explores monsters and the monstrous through classic texts like Frankenstein and Dracula through modern treatments of zombie stories.

Teaching History

  • 20142012

    Composition I (University of Central Florida)

    This course followed Downs & Wardle’s Writing About Writing curriculum, culminating in a student portfolio.

  • 20142012

    Composition II (University of Central Florida)

    This inquiry-based course followed Greene & Lidinsky’s From Inquiry to Academic Writing text. I piloted a revision that foregrounded genre as a recurring structural concept for student work.

  • 20122009

    Language Arts 8 & 9, English I & II (Seminole County Virtual School)

    These courses ran the gamut from creative-writing based through literature-focused and into research-driven. Students were self-paced and needed constant contact to ensure progress.

  • 20092000

    English I: Reading, Standard, Honors, & Gifted (Oviedo High School)

    The official curriculum built these courses around literature, but my focus was on the student writing that responded to the texts they read. I learned to motivate students at a variety of levels to engage with a variety of classic stories.