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I design writing and pedagogy courses.
Let’s start building yours.

K-12, Higher Ed, Faculty Development, Government, & Private Sector

Curriculum Development

Created two week-long seminars on critical digital pedagogy for general audiences and for Digital Humanities. Iterated four complete FYC sequences incorporating NCTE standards & CWPA outcomes, two sets of institutional standards, and fluid departmental expectations.

Professional Training

Designed three-course sequence to teach business writing to government employees, adapting to organizational precedent and incorporating disciplinary best practices.

Hybrid Learning Design

Research-based and practical experience designing and facilitating hybrid courses from small seminars to MOOCs. Adapts course design to needs and expectations of participants as well as institutional technology standards.

Digital Publishing

Experience working with a variety of publication platforms, including building anthologies of student research papers in LaTeX, maintaining WordPress-based class blogs, creating a Ghost-based digital scholarly journal, and hosting a podcast on WordPress and SoundCloud.

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paper figure of blond-haired white person in collared shirt and glasses waves at camera in front of "Hello world" echo statement written in PHP

Hello, Acronym-Filled World: Playing with PHP + API

To improve my coding skills, I set myself a challenge: Get my website to present data gathered from external API calls. Here’s how I made it all work.
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Five people stand in polling stations, white legs exposed but torsos hidden behind curtains. How hard will it be to recreate this scene in November?

The Psychology of an Election

The 2016 election punished progressive voters in two ways, reducing the likelihood that they'll return in 2020. We're fighting psychology. Here's how operant-conditioning suggests November will not go well.
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Is any disappointment worse than the disappointment of dropping an ice-cream cone on the sidewalk?

Flexibility: Starting the Semester with a U-Turn

After an abysmal first day of class, I retooled and approached the second day with completely different priorities. This semester tests our ability to be flexible.
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