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Hybrid Teaching: Pedagogy, People, Politics

Gathering the voices of over two dozen progressive educators, this volume combines perspectives from across academia and around the globe. The authors in this book use critical digital pedagogy as a guide for navigating today’s turbulent global political climate. Timely and accessible, Hybrid Teaching challenges higher education faculty and administrators to consider the political implications—and the political power—of teaching with technology.

Coordinated design of training programs, tailored to your audiences.

From curriculum planning to digital delivery, I’ll connect your brand, your content, and your learners

Curriculum Development

From program-level planning through course alignment and integration, I create cohesive educational experiences that are practical, targeted, and consistent. For example, I designed and branded a three-course writing sequence integrating two disparate sets of national standards (NCTE & CWPA), two sets of institutional standards, and fluid departmental expectations.

Professional Training

In business environments, I bring focus and consistency to the design and implementation of training programs, emphasizing practicality and understanding. For instance, I designed a three-course business-writing sequence tailored to government employees by adapting to organizational precedent, incorporating disciplinary best practices, and enhancing document cohesion.

Hybrid Learning Design

I apply best practices in digital education while maintaining a focus on human connection. My decades of physical and virtual classroom experience, plus my work facilitating conversation on Hybrid Pedagogy, make me a deliberative, conscientious educator concerned more with people than with content. I discuss this further in my book, Hybrid Teaching, available Feb 23.

Digital Publishing

Beyond designing classroom training materials using productivity software, I used XeTeX to typeset Hybrid Teaching for print and ebook delivery, manage a WordPress multisite for class blogs and MOOCs, maintain the digital scholarly journal Hybrid Pedagogy on Ghost, and host The HybridPod podcast on SoundCloud.

My Occasional Blog Updates

When vitality departs, utility can persist

Deploying CDP

Activity provides a course’s vitality. Without a critical mass of contributions, course plans fall flat. Here’s my plan for future recovery.
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What motivates you to succeed?

Assessment and Critical Digital Pedagogy

Critical digital pedagogy calls us to set aside grading and instead provide feedback to help students improve their self-assessment skills.
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A sign says "one way". According to whom?

Learning / Design / Technology

The job title “Instructional Designer” has become so commonplace that the two words are nearly inseparable. Of course we want instruction to be designed. Of course we need designers to shape and create instruction. Indeed, our public school systems expect teachers to create lesson plans for each period of each day. College instructors create course syllabi with...
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