Unified Document Design

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About the Project

Stepping in for a facilitator who had taught Business Writing classes for years, I received a collection of hodge-podge documents lacking consistency, branding, or professionalism. I reworked the material, coordinating slides and handouts, clarifying content and organization, and standardizing presentation.

ContextFlorida Institute of Government
AudienceGovernment Employees in Professional Development
PurposeImprove clarity, consistency, and image
PlatformsApple’s Keynote & Pages

The Challenge

Bring order to chaos

The original content for writing courses used outdated pedagogy and little to no document design. Offered courses failed to build to a cohesive whole. Documents and slides needed to be professionalized, and the content needed to be organized.

The Product

Coordinated course materials & curriculum

I produced a set of materials that ensured consistency and professionalism across five core courses:

  • Main Courses
    • Business/Professional Writing
    • Editing & Proofreading
    • Writing Policies & Procedures
  • Short Courses
    • Email Etiquette
    • Grammar Brush-Up

Additionally, I improved the aesthetic and focus of a course with state-mandated content: Report Writing for Code Enforcement.

The Result

Professional & consistent

Several participants and their supervisors complimented the material design and appreciated the clarity of presentation. Staff at the Institute of Government remarked on the quality of the documents I produced.

While I benefitted from the consistency of design and content, I relied too heavily on stock photography and slide template layouts, which detracted from the personality I typically infuse into my work. Through this experience, my slide-design philosophy evolved to rely more heavily on the visual content and less on the form that content takes.