Curriculum Vita

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PhD, Texts & Technology — UCF, 2014

Studied how faculty and FYC curriculum adapted to the transition from traditional face-to-face instruction to a blended/hybrid model. Also compared expectations of the delivery modes according to students, faculty, and institutions, noting significant differences between presumed and actual motivations for students enrolling in various modalities.

MEd, Curriculum & Instruction — UCF, 2006

Concentration in Gifted Education, paying careful attention to the ways strategies for gifted education can (and often should) be applied across the board to develop students’ abilities according to their own interests. Particular interest in curriculum design and development.

BA, English (Creative Writing) — UCF, 2000

Focus on creative nonfiction and expository styles, which fed into my later work in rhetoric and composition.

Research Interests

I study how faculty use technology to interface with students — how the use of programs and platforms, devices and data mediate interaction and facilitate learning. I look at how critical pedagogy works in digital spaces and how educational technology often works to instill conformity over curiosity in students.

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Teaching Positions


Assistant Professor of English

Saint Leo University

Developed First-Year Composition curriculum combining national (NCTE & CWPA) and local GEP standards. Created student-authored open textbook project. Founded student-government-recognized gay-straight alliance; developed customized Safe Zone Allies curriculum that addresses the intersection of faith and identity.


Graduate Teaching Associate

University of Central Florida

Co-designed and piloted new First-Year Composition writing assignment sequence. Contributed to design and pilot of FYC research course. Taught FYC courses as instructor of record. Edited monthly departmental newsletter.


Facilitator, Business Writing

John Scott Dailey Florida Institute of Government

Redesigned three-course business-writing sequence. Facilitated instruction of courses for county government agencies ranging from transportation to incarceration.


English Teacher (online)

Seminole County Virtual School

Piloted the school district’s virtual-school franchise, establishing best practices for student engagement.


English Teacher (on-ground)

Seminole County Public Schools

Taught ninth-grade English at all levels; contributed to curriculum-alignment projects; sponsored on-campus gay-straight alliance.

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Editorial Positions

Director, Hybrid Pedagogy, Aug 2017–present

Responsible for all operations of the journal, including editorial direction and management, production schedule, systems acquisition and maintenance. Supported migration of journal content from WordPress to Ghost.

Managing Editor, Hybrid Pedagogy, Aug 2015–Aug 2017

Coordinated efforts of 11-person editorial team operating across three continents to maintain article- and podcast-production schedule. Issued occasional calls for papers in response to emerging discussions in higher education. Supported migration of journal content from RapidWeaver to WordPress.

Reviewer, Prompt, May 2017–present

Provide peer-review assistance for submissions related to technology, composition, and audio production.

Reviewer, Int’l J. for the Scholarship of Technology Enhanced Learning, Sep 2015–Dec 2017

Provide peer-review assistance for submissions related to the inclusion of technology in on-ground and hybrid composition courses.

Reviewer, Hybrid Pedagogy, May 2013–Aug 2015

Provide peer-review assistance for submissions related to the use of technology to enhance learning and student agency.

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Audial Publications

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Invited Talks

  1. “Getting Critical” (Conference Keynote) | New Learning Horizons: Digital and Hybrid Pedagogies | Norwegian University of Science and Technology (ntnu), Trondheim, Norway | May 2018
  2. “Digital Publishing Workshop” | New Learning Horizons: Digital and Hybrid Pedagogies | ntnu | May 2018
  3. “Hybrid Pedagogy: Ethos & Mission” | New Learning Horizons: Digital and Hybrid Pedagogies | ntnu | May 2018
  4. “Humanizing the Online Course Experience” | Beyond Essentials Webinar Series | National University | June 2017
  5. Digital Pedagogies” panelist | GradUCon | University of Chicago | April 2015

Facilitated Seminars & Workshops

  1. “Critical Pedagogy and Digital Praxis in the Humanities” (with Chris Gilliard | Digital Humanities Summer Institute (dhsi) | University of Victoria (UVic), British Columbia | June 2019
  2. Digital Storytelling” | Digital Pedagogy Lab Toronto | Toronto, Ontario | Mar. 2019
  3. Intro [to Critical Digital Pedagogy]” | Digital Pedagogy Lab (dpl) | University of Mary Washington (umw), Fredericksburg, Virginia | July 2018
  4. “Critical Pedagogy and Digital Praxis in the Humanities” | Digital Humanities Summer Institute (dhsi) | University of Victoria (UVic), British Columbia | June 2018
  5. Intro [to Critical Digital Pedagogy]” (with Sean Michael Morris) | dpli | umw | August 2017
  6. Digital Publishing” | dpli | umw | Aug 2016
  7. “Critical Pedagogy and Digital Praxis in the Humanities” (with Robin DeRosa) | dhsi | UVic | June 2017
  8. “Critical Pedagogy and Digital Praxis in the Humanities” (with Jesse Stommel) | dhsi | UVic | June 2016
  9. “Flipping the Classroom: Philosophy, Pedagogy, Praxis, and Production” with Susan Crisafulli and Christina Grimsley | Conference on College Composition and Communication (cccc) | Indianapolis, Indiana | Mar 2014

Conference Presentations

  1. The Techne of Audience: Being/Bringing the ‘Real’ into the Classroom.” | Computers & Writing | University of Findlay | Jun 2017
  2. “‘We’re Not Ideologically Neutral’: Using Open-Access Journals for Community/Advocacy” | Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (sotl) Commons | Savannah, Georgia | Mar 2017
  3. Combatting Otherness: Helping Students Navigate Belonging Through Discourse Community Analysis” | Northeast Modern Language Association (nemla) | Baltimore, Maryland | Mar 2017
  4. “Virtual Corridors: Nurturing States of Mind in Online Spaces” | Florida College English Association (fcea) | St. Petersburg, Florida | Oct 2016
  5. Left to Their Own Devices: Dis/allowing Students’ Use of Technology in the Classroom” (panelist) | Computers & Writing | St. John Fisher College | May 2016
  6. From Mickey Mouse to Cigar City: What Flexibility, Interdisciplinarity, and a Two-Hour Drive Can do for Employability,” part of the “Demystifying the Job Market: Taking Action toward Transparency through Data and Narrative” panel | cccc | Houston, Texas | Apr 2016
  7. Panelist on “Podcasting Together: Recording, Editing, and Sharing Sound” | Computers & Writing | University of Wisconsin—Stout (UW-Stout) | Jun 2015
  8. The Missing Link: Interventions for Enhancing Traditional Student Composition” | Computers & Writing | UW—Stout | Jun 2015
  9. Modality as Contact Zone: The Convolution of Access, Politics, and Ethics in Florida’s Online Courses” | Computers & Writing | Washington State University (wsu) | Jun 2014
  10. “Out of Our Hands or Out of Our Minds? Using Distributed, Collaborative Tools to Crowd-Source Content Creation in Humanities Classes” | dhsi Colloquium | UVic | Jun 2014
  11. More than Cogs: Using mooc Pedagogies to Resist the Mechanization of fyc Students” | Computers & Writing | Frostburg State University, Frostburg, Maryland | Jun 2013
  12. Promoting Access: Improving Intertextuality and Information Accessibility with Digital Portfolios” | College English Association (cea) National Convention [presented via prerecorded video] | Apr 2013
  13. Going (Pedagogically) Green: Student Work as Objects Created for Re-Consumption” | English Symposium | University of Central Florida (ucf), Orlando, Florida | Mar 2013
  14. Implications of Delivery Mode for an Outcomes-Based fyc Curriculum” | cccc | Las Vegas, Nevada | Mar 2013
  15. Taking a Byte in the Middle: Implementing Digital Portfolios in fyc Courses” | cccc Computer Connection | Las Vegas, Nevada | Mar 2013
  16. From Knowledge-Seeking to Knowledge-Making: Improving Intellectual Capital in First-Year Composition Courses” | Globalization, Information, Policy & Knowledge Production Annual Meeting | (ucf) | Feb 2013
  17. Built Beyond the Walls: Bringing mooc Strategies into the Composition Classroom” | North Carolina Symposium on Teaching Writing | North Carolina State University (NC State), Raleigh, North Carolina | Feb 2013
  18. Managing Expectations: Directed Self-Placement for In-Person or Online Courses” | Student Success in Writing | Georgia Southern University (gsu), Savannah, Georgia | Feb 2013
  19. Umbrella or Bridge: Discourse Communities as the Centerpiece of fyc” | Classroom Matters: Pedagogy in Practice and Philosophy, University of Florida (UF), Gainesville, Florida | Feb 2013
  20. Promoting Access: Creating Information Literacy Through Digital Portfolio Design” | Georgia International Conference on Information Literacy | gsu | Sep 2012
  21. Putting Digital Humanities in First-Year Composition” | dhsi Colloquium | UVic | Jun 2012
  22. Digital Literacies in FYC Classrooms: Enhancing Understanding, Engagement, and Transfer” with Laura Martinez and Leslie Wolcott | Computers & Writing | NC State | May 2012
  23. Reimagining Collaboration: Peer-Review Workshops and Joint Authorship” | English Symposium | ucf | Apr 2012
  24. Assessing and Preserving Intellectual Property in Online Collaborative Composition” | Georgia International Conference on Information Literacy | gsu | Sep 2011
  25. Fortune Regained: Online Collaborative Writing Tools” | cea National Convention | St. Petersburg, Florida | Apr 2010
  26. “The Impact of Socio-Economic Status on Acceptance of lgbt Gifted Students in Urban/Suburban Schools” | National Association for Gifted Children (nagc) National Convention | Charlotte, North Carolina | Jun 2006

Poster Sessions

  1. “Delivering the waw: Instructional Mode & ucf’s Writing Studies Curriculum” | Graduate Research Forum | ucf | April 2013
  2. “Between Print and Web: Technical Skills & Intertextuality with Digital Portfolios” | cccc Digital Pedagogy Poster Session | Las Vegas, Nevada | March 2013
  3. Between Print and Web: Information Fluency Through Digital Portfolio Design” | Information Fluency Conference | ucf | March 2012

Attended Seminars

  • “Digital Scholarship” (with Bonnie Stewart) | Digital Pedagogy Lab (dpl) | University of Mary Washington (umw), August 2019
  • Digital Pedagogy Lab Institute | umw, August 2016
  • Digital Pedagogy Lab Institute | UW—Madison, August 2015
  • Research Network Forum | cccc, March 2013
  • Hybrid Pedagogy’s mooc mooc | Online, August 2012
  • Digital Pedagogies in the Humanities | dhsi, June 2012
  • Graduate Research Network | Computers & Writing, May 2012
  • Composition Teaching Circles | ucf, August 2011 to May 2012
  • nglc Writing About Writing Instructor Training | Online, July 2011
  • Preparing Future Faculty | ucf, July 2011
  • Issues in Large Project Planning and Management | dhsi, June 2011

Institutional Service

  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee 2019 – present (Member)
  • Faculty Senate Technology Advisory Committee | 2015 – 2016; 2019 – present (Member)
  • Composition Curriculum Committee | 2015 – present (Chair)
  • Prism Gay-Straight Alliance | 2017 – present (Faculty Sponsor)
  • Department of Criminal Justice’s Outstanding Student of the Year Committee | 2019 (Member)
  • English Department apr Committee | 2017 (Member)
  • Content Initiative Workgroup [for oer implementation] | 2016 – 2017 (Member)
  • QEP [Critical Thinking in Curriculum] Faculty Fellows | 2015 – 16 (Member)
  • Arts & Sciences Strategic Plan Working Group—Innovation Committee | 2015 – 16 (Member)
  • ePortfolio Technology Adoption Committee | 2015–16 (Member)
  • Composition Community Chronicle (newsletter) | Jan 2012 – Aug 2014 (Design Co-Editor)
  • Composition II Curriculum Revision Committee | Fall 2011 – Dec 2013 (Member)
  • Program Assessment Portfolio Review Team | Summer 2011 – May 2013 (Member)
  • Allies Advance Diversity Training | Fall 2011 – May 2013 (Panelist)
  • Composition II Curriculum Revision Pilot | Spring 2013 (Pilot Instructor)
  • “Implications of Genre Theory for Writing Instruction and 1102” | Fall 2012 (Workshop Co-Presenter)
  • Discourse-Community Curriculum Unit Redesign Task Force | Spring 2012 (Member/Presenter)
  • Composition I Curriculum Revision Committee | Fall 2011 – Spring 2012 (Member)

Honors & Awards

  • Saint Leo SGU Outstanding Faculty Advisor Award recipient, 2019
  • UCF CAH Excellence in Graduate Student Teaching Award recipient, 2014
  • CCCC Professional Equity Project Grant recipient, 2013
  • WPA-GO CCCC Travel Grant recipient, 2013
  • UCF CAH Excellence in Graduate Student Teaching Award nominee for DWR, 2012
  • UCF Trustees Doctoral Fellow, 2009
  • Who’s Who Among America’s Teachers, 2004 & 2005

Organizational Memberships

  • Florida College English Association
  • Council of Writing Program Administrators
  • National Council for Teachers of English
  • Association for Computers in the Humanities 2012–2015
  • Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development, 2000–2008
  • National Association for Gifted Children, 2006–2008