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A collection of colorful, art-covered dumpsters and trash bins. They are the medium; what message to they convey?

Twitter is Dead, Long Live the Twitter: Medium and the Extents of Rhetoric

Now that Twitter is going through its death throes at the behest of a narcissistic multi-billionaire with a penchant for “hardcore” employees and delusions of species-saving grandeur, it may be time to take a good look at what the platform provides (provided?) and what what that medium—and its implosion—teach us about rhetoric. Verified accounts on...
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A pole-vaulter at the top of his game, as it were.

When Admin Says “Jump”

Long after arriving at my current institution, I’ve heard some tenure & promotion details. I now know how high to jump, but questions remain.
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What does creativity look like?

Process Analysis Essay

The writing process is never clear-cut, yet we often teach it as though it is. We should teach students to experiment with their own processes.
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Isn't the ice cream supposed to be *inside* the cone, not sitting beside it on the concrete? That looks accidental…and delicious

Accidental Pedagogies

If we orient our teaching practice toward student agency, minor decisions can become accidental paradigm shifts, bringing joy to our work.
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Three pears stand side-by-side. They're obviously separate, but how can we tell them apart?

Distinguishing Platforms, Mediums, and Genres

Understanding the distinctions among genres, mediums, and platforms will help you navigate both your technology and your writing.
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Batman and Superman are ready to fight the powers of evil…as soon as they finish their ice cream. Hey, we all have our priorities.

On Heroism: Or, Why Academia Needs More Boldness

Superhero movies are all the rage these days. We enjoy escaping reality for a while to watch larger-than-life characters fight high-stakes battles for the survival of the planet, or the species, or the universe, or whatever. In these movies, we expect great things of our heroes. They conquer evil and vanquish vexing villains, sometimes with...
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A toddler stands at the bottom of an intimidating set of stone stairs, contemplating that all-important first step

Bless Y’all’s Hearts: 
Creating a GSA & Safe Zones 
at a Catholic University

On 30 March 2019, I presented a talk by this title at the Florida Collegiate Pride Coalition. Now that I’m leaving the institution featured in this conversation, I feel it’s time to commit these ideas to a post. When I announced my acceptance of a new job back in 2014, one characteristic of the school...
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close-up of a highly textured mat used at intersections to indicate a curb cut

Access(Able): Envisioning Pedagogues as Student Advocates in Digital Spaces

How easily can students access data about course materials? How easily can corporations access data about students? The access imbalance in higher education has turned classes into obstacles and students into profit-generating data points. I highlight those issues in this talk, presented on 10 Aug 2021 as the opening keynote for Digital Pedagogy Institute 2021,...
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When vitality departs, utility can persist

Deploying CDP

Activity provides a course’s vitality. Without a critical mass of contributions, course plans fall flat. Here’s my plan for future recovery.
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