Star Trek
Shuttlecraft interior at a point of quantum convergence. From this perspective, seven Worfs appear inside.
In a Worf-centric episode, three other characters demonstrate how to listen with compassion when someone's perspective differs from our own.
A winged, horned serpent hovers between two purple aliens in separate cages. Yes, it's as psychotic as it sounds.
In a truly awful (yet, oddly, award-winning) episode, Kirk models the benefits of learning from students while they develop independence.
dark-haired woman in uniform smiles at the man (off-camera) playing trombone nearby
The way one character teaches another to pass an exam provides a useful model for helping students develop independence: Restraint.
Still taken from Star Trek episode, showing three Klingons in a dimly lit room. Character in foreground is smiling, accepting but downplaying acclaim from others off-screen.
Re-watching “Once More Unto the Breach” from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine brings to mind good teaching practices, leading to classroom balance.
White background; Black text “Star Trek” in all caps on left; silhouette of warping Enterprise on right
Reviewing Star Trek: Into Darkness, with particular focus on characters and music, plus a dose of frustration for how closely it mirrored previous films.