Chris Friend
Shuttlecraft interior at a point of quantum convergence. From this perspective, seven Worfs appear inside.
In a Worf-centric episode, three other characters demonstrate how to listen with compassion when someone's perspective differs from our own.
A wide-grinned alien in shirt and vest raises jazz hands to get you excited; he's probably trying to sell you something. Wait, it's Garak. He's definitely trying to sell you something.
A trusting commander and a garrulous tailor remind us to let students learn for themselves through experience, rather than lecture.
A winged, horned serpent hovers between two purple aliens in separate cages. Yes, it's as psychotic as it sounds.
In a truly awful (yet, oddly, award-winning) episode, Kirk models the benefits of learning from students while they develop independence.
dark-haired woman in uniform smiles at the man (off-camera) playing trombone nearby
The way one character teaches another to pass an exam provides a useful model for helping students develop independence: Restraint.
Still taken from Star Trek episode, showing three Klingons in a dimly lit room. Character in foreground is smiling, accepting but downplaying acclaim from others off-screen.
Re-watching “Once More Unto the Breach” from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine brings to mind good teaching practices, leading to classroom balance.
Snowflakes are pretty and all, but I like to romp about in the snowdrifts. Because, you know, I'm a generalist.
The world—especially the world of academia—expects specialized experts. I’m more of a generalist, with a wide set of shallow skills…rare and useful.
This monkey must be grading papers. He looks bored enough.
Formulaic assignments may make grading superficially easier, but they become boring and dehumanizing. Assignments should be fun to grade.
Watch this EV charge. Or maybe read this post while you wait?
People often worry that charging an EV is difficult or expensive. Neither is true. There are more ways to charge an EV than to fuel a gas car.
How fragile, how vital, are the spokes and chain on a bicycle
In the era of complex LMS walled gardens and online productivity suites, using an .htaccess file simplifies access to resources. Here’s how.
Which color frosting tastes best on a doughnut? Serious question or utter whimsy? Por que no los dos?
Over-designed courses can feel too mechanized or standardized, failing to consider human differences. We need more whimsy in education.
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