Chris Friend
Snowflakes are pretty and all, but I like to romp about in the snowdrifts. Because, you know, I'm a generalist.
The world—especially the world of academia—expects specialized experts. I’m more of a generalist, with a wide set of shallow skills…rare and useful.
This monkey must be grading papers. He looks bored enough.
Formulaic assignments may make grading superficially easier, but they become boring and dehumanizing. Assignments should be fun to grade.
Watch this EV charge. Or maybe read this post while you wait?
People often worry that charging an EV is difficult or expensive. Neither is true. There are more ways to charge an EV than to fuel a gas car.
How fragile, how vital, are the spokes and chain on a bicycle
In the era of complex LMS walled gardens and online productivity suites, using an .htaccess file simplifies access to resources. Here’s how.
Which color frosting tastes best on a doughnut? Serious question or utter whimsy? Por que no los dos?
Over-designed courses can feel too mechanized or standardized, failing to consider human differences. We need more whimsy in education.
paper figure of blond-haired white person in collared shirt and glasses waves at camera in front of "Hello world" echo statement written in PHP
To improve my coding skills, I set myself a challenge: Get my website to present data gathered from external API calls. Here’s how I made it all work.
Five people stand in polling stations, white legs exposed but torsos hidden behind curtains. How hard will it be to recreate this scene in November?
The 2016 election punished progressive voters in two ways, reducing the likelihood that they'll return in 2020. We're fighting psychology. Here's how operant-conditioning suggests November will not go well.
Is any disappointment worse than the disappointment of dropping an ice-cream cone on the sidewalk?
After an abysmal first day of class, I retooled and approached the second day with completely different priorities. This semester tests our ability to be flexible.
What is the purpose of a swing, if not for children?
Reviewer selection for Hybrid Pedagogy presents personnel challenges. I look for these 5 traits in reviewers and 4 characteristics in the board.
looking through a corrugated metal pipe toward a rich blue sky with white cloud in center of view
The decision to re-open schools in the United States shows how badly our values fail to align with our needs and how hard it is to protect our rights.
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