Teaching the rhetorical gesture of hyperlinks, suggesting an intervention to develop students' skills using existing, familiar tools and technologies.
In my Intro to Research classes, I wanted to find a way to make student work mean more than just a paper on a desk — I wanted them to try publishing.
When teachers crack down on proper citation styles (like MLA, APA, Chicago, etc.), they ignore the modern ability to connect any two texts. Why persist?
Bead of dew hangs from a single blade of grass. I wonder how long it will stay there.
I want to make sure each students' assignments are designed with re-consumption in mind. In other words, I want my classroom to go green.
An innocent office worker accidentally creates an black hole on paper that he can reach into. ACME, eat your heart out.
Two casual questions from colleagues struck me as deceptively simple and unexpectedly engaging. My answers also connected in ways I did not expect.
standard office stamps on desk; one reads “APPROVED”; the other, “DENIED”
The obsession w/ standardized, “objective” tests has created an unhealthy focus/reliance on grades. Can classes improve if we remove grading?
Dimly lit tiled corridor through archways . A heavy metal grate waits at the end. What's behind it?
Changing our curriculum to include more-visible student writing presents pedagogical challenges of scale and continuity. Here's how it could work.
What makes for a good goal? Is it the frame or the fact you can see through to the sky beyond?
Tracking and visualizing daily writing volume helped me stay motivated through DigiWriMo. I found that setting goals helped less than seeing those goals.
Photoshopped image of a Canon lens grafted into an eye. Creepy, but arguably helpful for this photographer.
By paying attention to our interactions with technology, we bring awareness to our process and our thinking. Ubiquitous technology makes this an imperative.
The keyboard says more is better
Word counts help in very specific — notably limited — ways. How we use them in classes should be beneficial, not punitive. What makes the difference?
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