paper figure of blond-haired white person in collared shirt and glasses waves at camera in front of "Hello world" echo statement written in PHP
To improve my coding skills, I set myself a challenge: Get my website to present data gathered from external API calls. Here’s how I made it all work.
It was a dark and story night… No, really. It was a dark and stormy night, and some photographer snapped a pic of it.
What made me do the unthinkable and empty out twelve years of content from my Facebook profile? Or maybe, why did I wait so long to purge? Here’s why.
Think of a writing classroom. What can we badge there? Can writing earn badges? How can we determine whether writing goals are met?
Knitting needles and pink yarn. Looks like the start of something fun!
Can we expect our students to use our tools, especially when they involve third parties, outside products, or accounts with questionable privacy practices?
dirty spokes of a hubcap
Apple’s iCloud document management centers on applications and considers information to be of secondary importance. Dropbox offers greater flexibility.
Two for tea? Make it five. Identical. People. Pinkies up, everyone!
While preparing for exams, I realized the way I have been studying and taking notes the entire time had been completely, horribly, disastrously wrong.
If we could juuuuust fit into those grooves, everything would be fine…right?
I turn to massive open online courses — MOOCs — for some inspiration to reform our on-ground classes and resist the mechanization of our students.
I wonder what's behind Door Number One
I sincerely hope I never have my laptop stolen. But if I do, I know I have automatic, redundant, off-site, encrypted, recoverable backups. Do you?
plush Cookie Monster lying on its back, apparently dead, cookie with one bite taken out left at tip of outstretched hand
Students should learn the functions of language, the interconnectedness of ideas, and the nature of technology as a tool — all with only a word processor.
Photoshopped image of a Canon lens grafted into an eye. Creepy, but arguably helpful for this photographer.
By paying attention to our interactions with technology, we bring awareness to our process and our thinking. Ubiquitous technology makes this an imperative.