Grad-School Posts
dirty spokes of a hubcap
Apple’s iCloud document management centers on applications and considers information to be of secondary importance. Dropbox offers greater flexibility.
Two for tea? Make it five. Identical. People. Pinkies up, everyone!
While preparing for exams, I realized the way I have been studying and taking notes the entire time had been completely, horribly, disastrously wrong.
An innocent office worker accidentally creates an black hole on paper that he can reach into. ACME, eat your heart out.
Two casual questions from colleagues struck me as deceptively simple and unexpectedly engaging. My answers also connected in ways I did not expect.
Two people sitting on a bench, each with shy body language, one offering to give the other a balloon
The academic crushes mentioned in the Femme Musings post each directly worked with the author to give her feedback, encouragement, and direction; each appeared to be aware of their intentional influence on her. By contrast, my intellectual idols work indirectly, unintentionally, and without their awareness. Instead of getting direction from my academic crushes, I get...