A dog waits patiently in the driver's seat of a car. Clearly skilled in diplomacy, this good pup waits patiently to make a strategic difference.
Writing scholars can strengthen their credibility by serving as instructional consultants. Learn how WAC diplomacy benefits all faculty.
Two long-haired brown dogs relaxing on the sand. They share strong connections, evident through playfulness and an absence of personal space.
Teaching people, not content or tools, builds lasting connections and aligns values. Can the human element save the humanities?
An adorable, wrinkly dog rests atop an adorable, pink plush unicorn, being adorable. But can we tell (and respond with empathy to) what the dog feels?
Educators can use empathy to be more in-tune with others and create helpful learning environments. Here’s how empathy can save education.
What are the functions of a hammer? Does that depend on the nails?
Beyond merely conveying information, writing has many functions, many of which benefit the author, not just the audience. See how it works.
A water lily exudes peace in isolation, yet its participation in the ecosystem is vital.
Participation often terrifies introverted students. But they actually offer three unique contributions to class. Learn how here.
A pole-vaulter at the top of his game, as it were.
Long after arriving at my current institution, I’ve heard some tenure & promotion details. I now know how high to jump, but questions remain.
What does creativity look like?
The writing process is never clear-cut, yet we often teach it as though it is. We should teach students to experiment with their own processes.