Distance Learning
a table stands empty, rolled napkins at the ready, should anyone call on its services
The disruption to life & livelihood brought on by the global pandemic wreaks havoc with students' well-being. How can we use our presence to stay connected?
There is a difference, perhaps subconscious, between a hybrid and a blended approach to education, and the different terms indicate different priorities.
When designing a course for a new delivery mode, we need to realize that it is indeed a new course, one that needs reinvention, not translation.
I have here this giant ethernet cable, but I can't find a giant outlet around here. Who uses wired connections anymore, anyway?
Effective online education enhances the student/teacher connection, enhances a student’s ability to learn, or utilizes online tools as the curriculum.
A Storm Trooper prepares for an invasive diagnostic procedure. This might hurt a bit.
Schools must clarify the types of course delivery, differences between humanities and sciences, and the balance between scheduling and independence.
A pile of rubble and debris in front of a graffiti-covered wall. But a tree grows to the left, and the blue sky shows through, so it's not all bad, right?
The networked approaches to teaching & learning essential in Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) can benefit small, in-person composition classes, as well.
Take your positions. The race is about to begin.
Why did I sign up to participate in NaNoWriMo? To help prep for my comp exams. Here are 3 ways it'll help and 4 tools I'll use to meet the 50k-word goal.
Butterfly clings to empty chrysalis that glows in the evening sun.
If we can’t continue teaching when the power fails, we’re doing it wrong. If our teaching has to fundamentally change when our classes get plugged in, we’ve been doing it wrong.
starfish, viewed from below at close range, with false color to make it appear light blue
The student/teacher dynamic in computer-enhanced classes should be "everted," turning traditional power hierarchies and content relations inside-out.
Can a spider web every get too big for its creator?
The oft-repeated refrain, “I’ll need to reflect more on this,” illustrated an impressive and unexpected characteristic of our Massive Open Online Course: the course moved very quickly. There hasn’t been enough time to digest everything we’ve done and discussed. We who participated were given only seven days to work with/on/through the nature and implications of...
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