looking through a corrugated metal pipe toward a rich blue sky with white cloud in center of view
I still remember waking up the morning of June 12, 2016. The night before, I had crashed in a friend’s Vancouver, BC, apartment. Later that day I was heading to the Digital Humanities Summer Institute. That morning I checked my phone only to find more new text messages than I usually have in a week....

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a pair of pink and white boxing gloves lie on a concrete surface
The Reality of Political Visual Rhetoric
08 Jul 2020
On the wall, a mural depicts a boat tossed by waves, struggling to lay anchor. In the front, a bold red couch rests comfortably, welcoming contemplation.
Adaptive Pedagogy
05 Jul 2020
On a rope bridge, how solid are the sides? How constrained is the hiker? How important is the connection? Why use a rope bridge anyway?
The (F)Utility of References
26 Jun 2020

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